I’m dumping here all the scores I have on file, garnered from various online free sources. If you have anything to add, send me a copy:

In no particular order…

Tweedside from Balcarres MS
The Souters of Selkirk from Balcarres MS
Old Long Syne from Balcarres MS
Old Long Syne from Balcarres MS in Cm
The Malt Grinds Well – Balcarres MS
Robert Bremner’s Instructions For Guitar, Edinburgh 1759

more to follow…

comments welcome below…

4 responses to “Scores

  1. I’m looking for visual images for a song from Robert Edwards’ commonplace book, ‘Remember me my deir’. The ones you have transcribed are lovely – but don’t include that one? Does it come from a different volume?

    • Hi Kate. I haven’t looked at this manuscript for six years or so, and can’t remember details. You can find Remember Me, My Deir in Kenneth Elliott’s edition of Scots music for the Musica Britanica series – both words and music. And there are a few recordings of the song by various groups. It’s very beautiful.

  2. thank you! I’ve found a digitised copy of the song from 1666 on the National Library of Scotland’s website, too. Yes, it’s a lovely song.

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