Eloy Cruz of Mexico suggested we have a ‘Friends Of’ page, so here it is!

If you would like your name to be added, make a Comment below or email

Friends of the
Scottish Lute and
Early Guitar Society

Eloy Cruz (Mexico)
Edward Martin (USA)
Helen Atkinson (England)
Alan Hoyle (England)
Sean Noctor (England)
Mark Seifert
Daniel Shoskes (USA)
Andrew Hartig (USA)
Valéry Sauvage (France)
Roger Burmester (Brazil)
Lute and Early Guitar Society Japan
Mark Day (USA)
Alexander Batov (Russia and England)
Hank Cross (USA

23 responses to “Friends

  1. This is a wonderful idea to start this society Robb! I wish I were in the area and would be able to attend meetings.
    Edward Martin, USA

  2. Hi,
    I’m only just learnig some early music, I think this is a real good idea, it would be good to roll it out in other places too

    • Thanks, Sean. Where are you based? It would be nice to have the country of each Friend added.

      • Hi Rob, I’m only in Lancashire, not so far off really. to be honest I’m only just learning some early music, I’ve picked a short Turlough O’Carolan tune “Plaxty Irwin” I don’t get to practice often enough though. The site looks to have been received really well, I think you’ll be very busy with this one too, look forward to hearing some more mp3 or live sesions of the gatherings. Sean

  3. Thanks Rob. It’ll be wonderful to be in touch with all of you over the Ocean!

  4. Fantastic idea! Lute people getting together not to compete, but to enjoy music–who ever heard of such a thing? Are kilts optional?

    Mark Seifert

  5. Best of luck, because we all know that…

  6. That’s the way we do it here in Flanders too: an afternoon playing lute together, for each other and we all bring some home made cakes, sometimes other people come to listen, some recorder players join us, always a lot of improvisation, but this works best.

  7. I wold love to join your meeting 😉
    All the best for the society !

  8. I wholeheartedly welcome this brilliant initiative and hope will be able to come to one of your future meetings.
    Long live the SLEGS!

  9. Hi Rob,
    Just wanted to share that I’m doing a recital of 16th century lute music at Heriot Watt University on 24th of Feb 2012 at 12.30. Programme to include music from Scotland, England and Germany, by the likes of David Peebles, John Johnson, Philip van Wilder and Hans Neusidlers.
    All best

  10. Hello Rob,
    Nice to get in touch with you and your lute society; I am a french renaissance lute player, now living in France (Normandy), after many years living in Mexico.
    I wish we can meet soon somewhere, and enjoy some lute music together.
    All the best for you and the Scottish Lute Society.
    Isabelle Villey

  11. Hello Rob,
    Best of luck to this new Society !

    Hank Cross U.S.A.

  12. A very welcome initiative indeed Rob, or should I say one more welcome initiative !
    Best wishes to all Scots pluckers ;-)!
    Jean-Marie Poirier (France)

  13. Rob:
    I would be honored to be added as a friend of the Society. I am a classical guitarist that teaches at Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas, USA. I have been enchanted with Renaissance music for years, and finally took up the lute three years ago. I cannot imagine ever playing lute transcriptions on guitar again.

    David Brody (USA)

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