This page includes mp3 files made by members of the society. I’ve had to start with some of my own, but sincerely hope to have more from other members in due course. In fact, it’s a bit embarrassing just having my own, so, come on guys!

[Edit - one mp3 and a video from Gordon Ferries has been added]

Rob MacKillop, Webmaster

Renaissance Lute

Tarleton’s Riserrection by John Dowland [Rob MacKillop - 10c lute (was 11c) by Martin Shepherd]

11c lute

Tombeau De Mouton by Robert de Visee [Rob MacKillop, 11c lute by Martin Shepherd]

TombeauDeDuBut by Robert de Visee  [Rob MacKillop, 11c lute by Martin Shepherd]

Baroque Guitar

Meya Danca - from Portugal [Rob MacKillop, 5c guitar by Alexander Batov]

Passcaille by Gaspar Sanz [Gordon Ferries, baroque guitar by Martin Haycock]

19th-century Guitar

Fernando Sor op.35 no.17 [Gordon Ferries, original Panormo]

2 responses to “MP3

  1. Hello and congrats on you’re first gathering, it sounds like a great idea and great fun.
    Thoroughly enjoyed all the mp3,s too.
    Bit of a tall ask but do you think you will record some of your gatherings, then we would be able to hear some of the live playing.

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